In June 15 of 2018, Plogue gave this voice for testers to showcase to other people.[1]

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Originally conceived as an AI-augmented prototype exosuit for military operations in humanoid-hostile environments, VODER was hailed by the Galactic government as the weapon that would finally end the war. Unfortunately, development was rushed, the vocal apparatus was rudimentary (requiring a humanoid manual operator), and the AI was unchecked and erratic. Consequently, VODER developed its own agenda, turning against the government that created it and "employing" any persons it found convenient to as operators in its service, like cogs in the metaphorical machine.

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Voder requires a human inside to operate fully and is the only Chipspeech character not fully independent on themselves. The human seen in the art is female and trapped within Voder.[2]

Personality Edit

Little is known about it, though SAM warns it is not to be trusted.[3]

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History Edit

His first appearance was on twitter, saying his first words: "She saw me".[4]

Character InfluencesEdit

He has a trapped human being inside of him, this is a reference to the Voder requiring a user to manually create its first. The device is the first machine ever made with the intention to mimic the human voice. The device was worked via hand input methods.

"She saw me" were the words spoken by the Voder at the 1939 New York World's Fair and the human being female inside him is also likely a nod to this.

Technical Information Edit

Vocal Information
Voice is muted and has a dark timbre, along with weird, distorted noises
General notes:

First filter bank synthesis voice in Chipspeech

Known issues:

Voice is limited due to small source material Plogue had work with


Demos/Samples Edit

Demonstrations and Sound Samples

Fly Me To The Moon SoundCloud
Plogue Chipspeech Voder plays J.S. Bach BWV 999 SoundCloud
Recreating 1939's Voder in software. A work in progress... SoundCloud

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