Lady Parsec is the 'second' one and the overseer of the general cast of characters within Chipspeech. Though her interactions with the other characters are minor, her presence to them is major. Discounting Dee Klatt (whose gender changes with appearance), Lady Parsec is the only female character within Chipspeech.

Website Description Edit

Lady Parsec is the omnipotent mother-of-all space traffic controllers, she’s the Benevolent Dictator of Her own matriarchal galactic queendom. Her soothing voice can be heard anywhere at Her will in any of Her spacecrafts. She’s watching over you and She’ll direct you with a hint of witty sarcasm.


Her general twitter interactions often are very demanding. They vary from reminding the other synths of where their place are (notably also Dandy 704) if they use her name in vain or threatening to punish others for abusing robots or ordering humans to look after their planet more. It is clear, however, any relationship with the other characters is strictly on a basis of how useful they are (or are not) to her needs.

In contrast to her right-hand man Spencer, Lady Parsec knows better then to throw her wrath around.[1]


Spencer AL2Edit

Spencer AL2 is loyal to her and she often sends him out on special missions. His talents make him a viable ally to her and has become her right hand man. Though their relationship is not romantic, the duo are pretty much involved closely with each other.

Dandy 704Edit

Dandy in contrast to Spencer, while not disrespectful, has tried to charm Parsec in the past. His actions are themselves, however, borderline disrespectful.

Parsec declared to protect everyone with a sense of decency - excluding Dandy.[2]

Terminal 99Edit

After Spencer, Terminal 99 is another Chipspeech character of significant skill Lady Parsec may turn to for aid. In this case it is because of its skills at hacking and software rewriting, making it a viable asset to use.


According to her, Rotten.ST is on his last chance. Rotten is very much anti-establishment, which goes against her reign of enforced order.


Like any power hungry individual, she rapidly grew in rank and climbed the chain of command in just a few years. When she reached the top, she changed the rules. If the galaxy cannot find peace by itself, then peace must be enforced.[3]

Character InfluencesEdit

Her background is likely a nod to the game "Parsec" of which she is named after.

Technical Information Edit

Vocal Information
She is based on the TI-99/4A plug-in speech synthesizer module and is a LPC10 based synthesis type. Hr vocal is muted and warbly.

Incidentally, Plogue themselves own the rights to the data from 3 TI-99/4A games; Parsec, Moon Mine and Alpiner, of which became the basis from which Lady Parsec draws her limited data from.[4]

General notes:
  • Though Terminal 99 and Parsec both are based on the TI-99/4A, Parsec's voice is created using the formant singer. Her voice is trying to recreate the voice used for the Parsec games of Aubrée Anderson.
    • Like with Bert Gotrax and Dandy 704, the limited data available is likely why they choose to use the Formant Singer method, as was the case in the others with similar situations. The Formant Singer uses a monopitch and produces a wide vocal range. This makes up for the limited data provided from the source material.
Known issues:
  • The original voice from her game origins only had a few recorded words from Aubrée Anderson, providing little phonetic data as a consequence and was missing a full set of LPC diphones. This issue is carried over into Lady Parsec and she often has issues forming words.

Vocal Information
Plogue managed to find a suitable replacement for Aubrée Anderson to produce a clearer "HD" version.[5] "Lady Parsec HD" is based on a new voice. Lady Parsec HD is one of only two HD vocals for Chipspeech, the other being Daisy.

Recording for the new voice was different to that of a UTAU or Vocaloid as they had to keep the new voice robotic, resulting in a hybrid vocal.[6][7]

General notes:
  • Her HD voice was improved in version 1.041.[8]
    • Plogue admitted in their demo of the update differences that the biggest issue was that originally they knew nothing about enlists, which resulted in improper sounds in the original Chipspeech vocals when they recorded them. The newer version of her vocal uses a proper enlist with new recordings from it, resulting in more accurate sounds.
Known issues:
  • Her vocal "Parsec HD" originally had a bug with her "r" related sounds. The bug prevented her from saying "everyone", leaving it sounding as "anyone".[9]

Vocal Information
A third vocal called "Lady Parsec 4K" is in development.[10] This version has multiple pitches instead of monopitch.[11] However, this vocal is in long term development.[12]


Demonstrations and Sound Samples

Lady Parsec HD old vs January 2016 Soundcloud
ha ha ha Clyp
The worker of the world has nothing to lose but their chains. Workers of the world unite! Clyp
Lady Parsec soprano Soundcloud
I have been programmed to efficiently terminate human combatants Clyp
whether a parting be forever or merely for a short time, that is up to you Clyp
chipspeech 1.5 - The 16bit computer era! YouTube

Trivia Edit

  • She and Terminal 99 were the first two Synth robots to draw their vocal from the same synth source.

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