He is a fictional character made up by Dandy 704 on tumblr as his own favourite OC.


"He’s really evil. He took over the world 19 years ago because he was looking for his daughter, Little McVonEvil and couldn’t find her. Enraged with sadness, he took over the world in hopes of trying to find her. He’s 25 years old and is immortal and can’t get older. He’s 6′9″ and is really good at using every kind of gun that’s ever been invented. He’s a vampire which is why he’s immortal. He’s been with 90 women but only had one true love, the mother of Little McVonEvil; Martha McVonEvil."

-Dandy 704's description of Doctor McVonEvil.


  • Some of his facial features are inspired by Dandy. Dandy is also "immortal". He is, like Dandy, also a womanizer.
  • Quite a few details about him are based on Dandy's perverted mind. His height of 6'9" is a reference to the sexual innuendo of the number "69". He has a rose in his mouth which is a symbol of romance. He was drawn with an erection. The note of him being a vampire is likely also a nod to the sexier portrayal in modern media of Vampires.