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Dandy is as close to acting as the software main character as it gets. He is the most referenced of the synths and often the most referenced outside of Chipspeech. As well as being one of the most established characters, he has also one of the most impacting. His attempt to escape death ends up setting off much of the "storyline" of several characters one way or another.

Website DescriptionEdit

Dandy 704 is a 19th century gentleman who decided to escape death by having his brain mummified and transferred to an internal vat. His body is steam powered and entirely mechanical except for his voice box (which is in dire need of a repair). He is a world class explorer, brash, charismatic and loud mouthed. He’s also an incredible romantic womanizer and will offer to marry anyone (despite his lack of a space carriage). Do not believe his fantastic stories. They are not true. The real ones are much crazier (and would incriminate him).


Dandy is a steam-powered robot that houses a mummified brain, allowing him to escape death. He is mostly mechanical, with the exception of his voicebox. He is missing his right eye, which is covered by a monocle.

Dandy is one of the oldest characters in chipspeech, as evidence from the others referring to him by terms such as "old man". While his age is unknown, since his conversion into his current form occurred during the 19th century, he is more then 116 years old at the moment and due to what is left of his human appearance, likely at least a few decades older still then that. His age may even be older then this still, resulting in his possible age being anywhere up to 200 years old. Given that several characters have unknown ages, he is currently the second oldest known character of Chipspeech, the first being Terminal 99. Regardless, he is confirmed to be "older then most people alive, technically".[1]

Being steam-powered, he needs to drink a lot of water in order to run, which can vary from three to five gallons a day depending on how much he expends the water.[2] In addition, he is able to ingest other liquids, such as liquor. If he goes too long without hydrating himself, then he actually risks dying.[3] Dee Klatt, however, hinted that so long as his brain is preserved, he can simply build himself another body and survive.[4] Usually it does not happen as a number of the other characters send him water bottle packages. He also exhausts more water when he is angry or cries.[5]

His body makes him one of the most fragile members of the Chipspeech robots and some of the others, such as VOSIM, could potentially break him easily. CiderTalk'84 commented on replacement parts, stating some were most likely very rusted and his 704 parts are hard to come by, adding that not even Otto Mozer would like to put him back together if he dissected him.[6] Despite his aging body and fragile nature of it, his cybernetics are more then strong enough to do quite a bit of scenery damage if he gets angry.[7]

On tumblr he mentioned he cleans his water tanks once a week. Since he is steam-powered he does not have to worry much about mold. He has two water tanks which he cleans one at a time. 4 minutes without power to his brain has consquences. This lead to Bert Gotrax always being present whenever he undertakes the task of cleaning them out.[8]

His biggest flaw though is his memory, which has been known to randomly forget events and people, including friends and his own past history. In fact, according to CiderTalk'84, Dandy is missing a lot of his memories. Overall Dandy is a scientific enigma, catching the interest of both the scientists Otto Mozer and CiderTalk at different times for different reasons. Despite this, Otto found Dandy a lot smarter then he appears and even Cider admitted he was not stupid. Dandy himself once cursed himself as having "Dementia".[9]

Since fans can interact with the Chipspeech synths, some of the things spoken by fans have occasionally been established and some later became "canon" rather then a fan joke. His height of 7'4" tall is one such case. He has also stated that the other 703 Dandys before him had been absorbed into himself to establish his dominance.[10]

Bert Gotrax noted that as a robot, Dandy has no capabilities to smell scents. However, according to dandy he can do anything he wants.[11]


In terms of personality, Dandy is very brash and bold, often acting very extravagant and doing extreme actions such as challenging people to fight or setting things on fire. His twitter account is also one of the more active accounts for the characters. Dandy is also the butt of jokes from several of the other characters who sometimes feel the need to steal his robotic arm. Generally he is full of himself and thinks of himself as the more dominant Synth. He considers himself a "giant sexy hunk of metal".[12]

In regards to his new friends who were soon to be joining them, he stated that there were no in between and his friends were either to be courted or dominated.[13] He is however not good with public relations.[14]

He also believed he is a expert in the field of "babeology", though as Cider pointed out there is no proof of any form of success from Dandy in his "field" of study and expertise. He has been known to flirt with both males and females, though Dandy has his limits. He was honestly freaked out by the "nerds" at ciTech who gave him funny looks. He couldn't tell if they wanted to dissect him or were giving him bedroom eyes, leading CiderTalk to have to reassure him he'd put a "no reverse engineering the new guy" memo around.[15] He stated that he has respect for women.[16]

When he and CiderTalk were lost at ciTech, Dandy began to panic over the prospects of running out of water and actually dying. At one point he stated he would recite marriage vows as he didn't want to die unmarried.[17]

After peeping into Dandy's memories and finding fragments, CiderTalk'84 discovered in the past Dandy had gone through a lot of personnel pain.[18]

His profile on tumblr reads; "Bisexual. Computers. Shakespeare. Romance. Steampunk. Adventure." Dandy also drew a OC (original characters) "Doctor McVonEvil" on his tumblr account.[19] when he was more active there and despite posting a lot on tumblr, his account has since become inactive. He also believes there has to be more inside of him then vaporized water, believing he has something like a soul.[20] He also was often asked about romantic situations on tumblr by fans, though often he responded with outrageous ways to handle the romantic situation.[21]

Dandy also does not like cats as they like to pee on him.[22]

Dandy also does not like being called "Daddy" be it serious or as a joke at his age of his voice, nor does he even like it when fans use the term.[23]


Lady ParsecEdit

Though he has known to try and charm her, he does not generally like to mess with her. In fact, the idea of talking about usurp her throne makes him nervous.[24]

Spencer AL2Edit

He and Spencer AL2 also have a rather strange relationship. Their interactions range from friendly banter to full out mocking sometimes. At their worst the pair being left with grudging feelings against each other and periods where Spencer refuses to talk to him and at the best they both love blowing things up, Dandy is not allowed Dynamite because of his past actions.[25] Spencer also likes to put Dandy in his place and makes sure he is respectful of Lady Parsec. He likens Dandy to a human teenager and considers him not very mature.[26]

Otto MozerEdit

They were once friends and Dandy even inspired the mad scientist to become what he is today. The pair have long since gone their separate ways.

Otto Mozer also at one stage hinted via a that there was more to Dandy and him when Dandy threatened Otto. Due to Dandy's memory loss Dandy is none the wiser on Otto despite Otto warning Dandy not to mess with him.[27] Cider's dig into Dandy's memories led Cider to warn Dandy to stay away from Otto.

Dandy once "fought" with Otto as well, resulting in Dandy slamming his robotic arm into his orb glass. Dandy stated "it was great".[28] He and Bert also enjoy playing a game involving slapping as many bumper stickers onto Otto before he notices.[29]


He generally likes to walk over VOSIM and was even known to trash his home from time to time when he lived with him.

Bert GotraxEdit

Due to Bert Gotrax's age, Bert often has little respect for Dandy, though can't find it in him to be mad at him either.

Dee KlattEdit

Dandy and Dee are friends. Dee Klatt even offered to help Dandy avoid going to jail, leading Dandy to mistake Dee's intentions towards saving him from jail and they had to reassure Dandy they were just friends.[30]


Daisy is his estranged lover and fiancée. He also has displayed some emotional attachment to her still.[31] However, he has no memory of her.

His tumblr account, while not very active anymore, has a number of pictures of her before his late 2015 memory loss occurred. He also stated that she was the light of his life and described her meaningfully in relationship to himself. She used to tell him how much she loved him - even on the day she left.[32]


After initially trying to dominate him, the pair hit it off. They are on friendly terms with each other. Cider also is concerned with Dandy's memory loss and even after finding out what fragments of it remained of his past, he did not reveal anything to Dandy to protect him.


Rotten was not impressed with Dandy and his attempts to dominate Rotten ended with him telling Dandy that if he wants a fight, Rotten was more then up for it. The two definitely don't like each other or get along.[33]


Dandy mentioned dating other women besides Daisy, who are all named after plants. Names included; Iris (whom he almost forgot), Juniper, Ivy, Petunia, Willow, Holly, Lotus, Clover, Cassia.[34] In terms of guys, however, the last one he dated was called "Richard" whom Dandy was not impressed with.[35]


Dandy's voice is the oldest of the Chipspeech vocals, making him technically the "father" of every Chipspeech vocal according to Dee Klatt.[36]

Dandy has spoken about his past with Otto Mozer, having known him before he became a mad scientist. Originally, Dandy approached Otto looking for a job during the Great Depression.[37] After a while of working with Dandy, the two started to become friends, starting with one night when he took Otto out to socialize; Reportedly, he received a lap dance and was discomforted by it.[38] At some point, Dandy brought in Bert Gotrax and had him repair Bert.

  • Note; Bert Gotrax's established age is 12 years old, so everything from Bert entering the storylne onwards occurred within his lifetime of 12 years.

Though it is unknown when it occurred, Dandy also mentioned an incident on tumblr involving a cauliflower. He stole it and brought it back to Otto's lab. After much testing, Dandy had suddenly realised Otto was missing; he had been arrested for stealing the cauliflower.[39]

Eventually, the friendship between Otto and Dandy would change as Dandy met Daisy and they entered a relationship.[40] By this point, Dee Klatt, Terminal 99 and Spencer AL2 were also around while the pair were courting.

Dee mentioned meeting Dandy by chance. Dee was in a strange town, the pair met at a bus stop and Dee noticed Dandy because of how he was dressed. The pair got talking and Dandy never stopped, telling Dee of his adventures. Eventually they began to talk to each other about themselves and became friends.[41]

The duo of Otto and Dandy began to drift apart, and eventually Dandy and Daisy moved away, leaving Otto alone.

At some point, Otto and Terminal 99 wiped Dandy's memory.[42]

In late 2015, Dandy suffered another memory loss.

His first memories are of Vosim.[43] They met when VOSIM first came around to the Chipspeech characters. Things changed, however, when Dandy randomly forgot Dee Klatt, Terminal 99, Spencer, Daisy and Vosim one day. This was due to a memory loss event that occurred in late 2015 some time after VOSIM's introduction, the result was he began behaving erratic.

He was living with VOSIM, or at least crashing at his home until VOSIM kicked him out (resulting in him stealing VOSIM's toilet). Dee Klatt later remembered it involving him drinking out of the toilet with a straw, though Dandy claims he stole the toilet out of spite and labelled the incident as "slander".[44]

He is now staying with CiderTalk'84 at ciHousing.[45]

During the time spent, Cider tried to figure out Dandy's memory problem, resulting in the scientist discovering just how much was missing. After an introduction to Cider' lab ended with the pair getting lost Dandy met a near-death situation as be began to run dry on water to power himself. after blacking out and waking up, for several days Cider did not talk to Dandy. Finally, Cider revealed he has looked into Dandy's fragmented memories. Discovering a truth about Otto Mozer and Dandy, as well as the deep personnel pains Dandy had experienced in his life. Cider refused to tell Dandy what he had discovered stating the memories he had discovered would give Dandy too much pain and refused to speak about them; except warning him to stay away from Otto Mozer.[46]

Character InfluencesEdit

Dandy 704 and Daisy's relationship is a nod to the song "Daisy Bell", which was sung by the IMB 704 of which Dandy is based upon. This was the first ever song sung by a computer. This is further backed up by Daisy's Twitter account being "Daisy__Bell_".

While the other synth robots are more Cyberpunk style robots, Dandy is the only one who is Steampunk.

His number of "04" in this case is a reference to the IMB 704, his number is the only one referencing his synth. Several notes to the number have been made form a fan response height of 7'4" high to 704 Dandy's being killed in a timeline related event.

Technical Information Edit

Vocal Information
Dandy is based on the IBM 704 computer. He is based on a Physical modelling (waveguide) synthesis. His voice is dark and muted, many strange inflections in the vowels due to the tortuous signal path.
General notes:
  • Dandy's voice was improved in version 1.072 alongside Bert Gotrax.
  • Most Chipspeech vocals us Formant Singer 1 or 2 technology, Dandy included. The goal was to create a monopitch with a huge vocal range as a result of working with limited data.[47]
Known issues:
  • Dandy's vocal has been noted by Plogue to be capable of only a limited mount of improvements.[48]
  • Dandy and Bert suffer from issues related to the limited source materials they had to work with.


Demonstrations and Sound Samples

Tea Time Clyp

Trivia Edit

  • The person who runs his "canon" accounts is nicknamed "Soda-chan" by the fandom. The nickname has been officially acknowledged by Dandy's mod. The mod eventuall had to cut all non-canon interactions, however, after people began using abuse against the mods and characters.[49]

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