Daisy is a female vocal. Like all other characters, she is drawn by Pixoshiru. Daisy was also a part of the new voice singing synthesis, by Plogue, Alter/Ego acting as its default vocal. Although she is able to enter the Chipspeech "world" she is not counted as part of the Chipspeech vocal line up.[1]

Daisy was retired from download on 31st October 2016 and replaced with Bones as the default vocal for Alter/Ego.[2]

She Is The Only Human Vocal.

Design Edit

Daisy is a lonely time traveler and the estranged lover of Dandy 704. Daisy is the first voice for Alter/Ego and was made by Crusher-P and Giraffey.[3]

She has blond hair and no visible electronic parts, unlike the Chipspeech characters. However, her backpack is mechanical and can be plugged in.

Her Alter/ego background features her leaving a steam powered Time Machine. In the worlds of Alter/ego and Chipspeech, Daisy is regarded as a temporal anomaly.[4]


Little is known on her, her twitter account is currently empty.

According to Dee Klatt, Daisy used to get stressed out over colours and cats. She also used to say bad things but meant well.[5]

Her reputation among the other characters is notable. Even characters who have no apparent history of her like CiderTalk'84 know of her. In fact hearing of Dandy's involvement with her left him saying simply "...oh my god".[6]


Dandy 704Edit

Being Dandy 704's fiancée, the pair hit it off and were really taken to each other. Though Dandy is a known womanizer, he seemed committed to her based on what little has been spoken on the pair.


Daisy entered Dandy's life some time after he had gone to work for Otto Mozer during the Great Depression. At the time Bert Gotrax was also around as he had been brought in for repairs. Other Chipspeech characters Terminal 99, Spencer AL2 and Dee Klatt also were around at this point according to VOSIM.

  • Note; Bert Gotrax's established age is 12 years old, so everything from Bert entering the storylne onwards occurred within his lifetime of 12 years.

The relationship between Dandy and Daisy bloomed and the pair eventually left Otto. One day Daisy vanished. Despite being distort by her disappearance, due to Dandy's memory loss issues, she was soon forgotten by Dandy though the feelings for her never disappeared.

After she left, codes began to appear.[7]

Her actions were driven by a secret mission she was fulfilling.[8]

Daisy was said to have returned to the timestream.

Technical Information Edit

Vocal Information
Daisy is a experimental vocal that was made to take the ARIA engine in new directions beyond Vintage vocal synthesizing. Like Lady Parsec HD, Daisy is an HD voice. In a livestream, it was stated that she would be the last HD Chipspeech voice.[9]

Her voice is that of Crusher-P.

Her creation led to the development of Alter/Ego itself.[10]

General notes:
  • Most Chipspeech vocals use Formant Singer 1 or 2 technology, when Alter/ego was created it used to same methodologies to achieve results. Daisy herself uses the Formant Singer method.[11]
  • For Daisy to appear in Chipspeech, both Alter/ego and Chipspeech need to be at version 1.039 or later.[12]
    • Daisy does not automatically work with Chipspeech and needs to be registered with the software to work.
    • Details are supplied with her software download.
Known issues:
  • When the ability to talk was added in version 1.5, Daisy was not given the ability.[13]
  • Daisy was officially retired from download on 31st October 2016, her retirement was due to technical issues. She is no longer supported and will not be updated.[14] Plogue have since noted that they will not give out her download even if asked and have asked people not to ask them for the link either.[15]
  • She has a number of bugs and glitches related to be the equivalent of a "prototype".
  • Her download was allowed to continue to be access until the 1st December 2016. After this it was retired permanently.

Trivia Edit

  • Dandy 704 and Daisy's relationship is a nod to the song "Daisy Bell", which was sung by the IMB 704 of which Dandy is based upon. This was the first ever song sung by a computer. This is further backed up by Daisy's Twitter account being "Daisy__Bell_".
  • She often randomly noted by the other Chipspeech characters. VOSIM and Otto Mozer both acknowledge her and Terminal 99 mentioned her when her name was used as an attempted password for it (note; "daisy" was not correct).
  • Since her retirement, Crusher-P has since expressed a note that they are uncomfortable with users who still use the vocal.

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