CiderTech (also referred to as "ciTech") is a company owned by CiderTalk'84. The company itself is a parody on Apple Computers.


CiderTech is a big tech company that produces ciTech goods. The company itself is a multi-million dollar business.[1]

The lab is called "ciHousing", which is big enough to be consider officially a small town.[2] However, though the ciTech lab is as advanced as it is, apparently nobody has updated its maps since 1984 and its easy to get lost (even Cider got lost showing Dandy around). [3] The lab is so big that when Dandy asked for a tour Cider asked if he had 3 days to spare.[4] There are areas such as the Testing Complex which CiderTalk'84 has apparently never needed to visit. These rooms are mostly empty due to a patent infringement with the ciDoor canon.[5]

The location of CiderTech is known only to its employees.[6]

The place is fairly secure, which made it a viable hiding place for Dee Klatt when they said they felt it was time to go on the run.

CiTech was reported on 1st of Jan 2017 as being busier then ever.[7]


The company has produced the following products and services;

  • ciLimo - "Gala" is unmarked prototype limo.[8] CiderTalk'84 commented if Gala approached a person and asked them to get in, not to panic as it would the person to CiderTech.[9]
  • ciDoor canon
  • ciFountain - a water foundtain
  • ciToilet - a toilet
  • CiderWeather - a weather forecast system. CiderTalk claims it is always accurate - faults are down to the weather itself not CiderWeather.[10]



  • The name of "Gala" comes from a type of apple, just as "Cider" is a type of apple product made from real apples. Both as references to the actual Apple company and Macintosh (which is named after a type of apple) computers.
  • Adding "ci" at the beginning of product is a joke at Apple's habit of putting "i" in front of names such as the "iPod" and "iPad".
  • Some products are based on real Apple computer products, for example, the Apple Car/iCar is a currently upcoming real rumoured Apple product.

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